Grant Applicants

Application Guidelines for 2023 (Printer friendly)

Note: All Applicants must be sponsored by a Murray Lineal Descendant. The Murray Foundation will not process unsolicited Grant Applications.

Our Mission

The Murray Foundation’s primary focus of funding is for the care, training and education of people with disabilities and those who will provide education and training for people with disabilities.


Grants are restricted to 501 (c) 3 United States based charitable organizations for purposes to be carried out within the United States.

Application Process

All applicants for a Murray Foundation Grant must be sponsored by a Murray Lineal Descendant 18 & Over. Descendants represent the Foundation on site visits, assist the applicant with the grant process and act as an advocate on behalf of the applicant. Applicants should follow the Murray Grant Application Format below.

Application Deadline

All applications must be submitted via email no later than September 15, 2023. We encourage the submission of applications well in advance of the deadline.

Funding Process

Each grant application will be reviewed. Some applicants could be required to submit additional information prior to approval. Grant funds will be disbursed on or about October 15, 2023.

Grantee Obligations

The Grantee will be required to sign the Murray Foundation Grant Agreement, submit a Progress Report as well as a Final Report at the end of the one year Grant period.


Grant Applications, inquiries and questions should be directed to:

Kim Harrison, Administrator
P.O. Box 717 * Placida FL 33946
Phone: 941-661-4470

Murray Grant Application Format (Printer friendly)

Note: Please submit the following information via email to

Cover Sheet

o Name & address of organization
o Contact person
o Phone, fax, email
o Name of Descendant Sponsor(s)
o One paragraph summarizing what you expect to accomplish with this grant.
o Include the total project budget.
o State the dollar amount requested.
o Acknowledge if you have received previous grant support from the Murray Foundation.
o Identify the time period the grant will cover.


o Statement of needs, problems to be addressed, description of target population.
o Description of project goals and objectives.
o How do you plan to accomplish the goals and objectives?
o The timetable for implementation of goals and objectives, if applicable.

Attachments (Please submit by mail, email or fax)

o Copy of current IRS 501 (c) 3 determination letter
o Most recent Annual Financial Report (audited, if applicable).